Call for Paper


1.Researches ware accepted in the Arabic and English languages, the English researches wera published in the journal of Earth and       Environmental science belonging to the IOP publishing Ltd.UK

 ( Scopus) While the Arab Researches ware published in A special issue of Al-Muthanna Journal of   Agricultural Sciences
2. Researches are subjected to scientific evaluation and electronic abstraction .
3. The research should be deals with the axis’s of the conference
4. The conference will be performed electronically on a platform Google meet.
5. The maximum number was 10 pages for research
6. The coast of Participate in the conference electronically is ( 75 thousand ID) to the research which were published In Al-Muthanna        Journal of Agricultural Sciences , and 125$ to the research were which published In the journal of Earth and Environmental                     science  including publishing coast

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