Archaeological and Tourist sites

Archaeological  and Tourist sites

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  1. Lake Sawa
    It is a closed, salty lake located in the Iraqi province of Muthanna near the Euphrates
     River, 23 km west of the city of Samawah. Lake Sawa does not have rivers that flow into or
     out of it. Rather, it is supplied with underground water from under the lake that infiltrates into 
    it from the Euphrates through faults and cracks.


    Badia Al Samawah

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Badia Al Samawah and its desert areas occupy nearly 90% of the total area of ​​the governorate, 
which is more than fifty thousand square kilometers, and includes many natural and oil resources 
and mineral resources, such as limestone, which is used in the manufacture of cement, ceramic raw 
materials and silicates used in the manufacture of glass and ceramic panels, and kaolin clay Which
 is one of the best types of clay, as well as producing caustic soda, chlorine, high-purity table salt
 and quantities of truffles.
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The Warka vase

The Warka vase is an archaeological masterpiece of more than 5000 years, which is a vase carved from 
alabaster stone found in a temple complex belonging to the Sumerian gods Iniana in the ruins of the ancient
 city of Ur located in the province of Muthanna in southern Iraq, and it is considered one of the oldest 
artistic archaeological works that were found On it, as its date was estimated to the time period between 
3200-3000 BC.

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