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The First Research Station and Agricultural Experiments

  1. First research Station:

  2. Sheep barns

It has several breeds of sheep namely Al-Awassi, Al-Orabi, Al-Naimi, Al-Hamdani, and Shafali. These are models for training the students of the Animal Wealth Department in addition to postgraduate studies. Work is under way on breeding programs with other strains for research purposes.

  1. Camel barns:

  The college has the Iraqi camels, work to produce a number of camels sufficient to establish a herd for the purpose of conducting research and training the students of the department in the initial stages.

  1. Goat Field:

  It contains the local goat, black, Cypriot and Afghan goat breeds. A number of mountain and Shami goats were brought for educational purposes and scientific research was conducted to study the suitability of some highly productive breeds for breeding in the Iraqi environment.

  1. Water bird field

Large numbers of water birds (Iraqi, Egyptian, Chinese, Goose) are available in semi-open barns on the edge of a dedicated lake. It is used to train the students of primary and postgraduate studies in the Department of Animal Production.



  1. Ostrich Field:

A small number of ostriches have been started to form a herd at the station, an ambitious project aimed at training students and postgraduate studies. Moreover, the aim is to spread ostriches in the province as they have a suitable environment for raising ostriches.

  1. Turkey field:

There is a turkey in the local black category, the purpose of which is to raise scientific research for students and professors. We hope to increase the numbers in the future.

  1. Poultry Field:

Two poultry breeding houses were constructed with two eggs and broiler stoves, equipped with test cages for students of primary and higher breeding. Several times were introduced for education and with the participation of specialists from engineers and students of the scientific department.

  1. Hatcheries:

Five hatching machines are available as well as a special hatchery for ostrich eggs, and in the intention of establishing an integrated hatchery in the station for research, training and production purposes.

I.Fish Lakes:

Four fish ponds have been constructed with an area of 3 dunums in the research station, which is paved with stone and equipped with fountains for the purpose of improving water quality and reducing water temperature in the hot summer months.


  1. Feed mill:

An integrated feed with a capacity of 2 tons per hour was established to produce ruminants, poultry and fish feed. The machines were installed and it is hoped that the production will soon begin to cover the needs of animals.

An integrated production line has been installed for the production of animal feed, both regular feed and sludge, and the provision of integrated production inputs for fish feed, ruminants and domestic birds to meet the needs of the total animals in the fields of the College of Agriculture and the quantities of feed to provide some funds to the Fund when providing the necessary financial allocations in the future.