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History of The department of soil science and water

Department Creation
The department of soil science and water resources was founded in 2-6-2008. It is one of important departments in the college of agriculture which, contributes in solving many problems in Al-Muthanaa province soils. The department aims to find proper solutions for salinity problem and help in agricultural lands reclamation and conducting soil surveys in order to classify the soils in the different parts of the province also concerned in water resources and trying to adapt the modern irrigation techniques and combat desertification. However, the department of soil involved many scientific themes in different specialties.
Departments Objectives:-
          The department of soil seeks to achieve the following objectives:
  1. Preparation of Agricultural engineers specialist in soil and water resources science qualified scientifically and technically to work as medium cadres  in organizations, departments, general and private sector companies specialist in soil and water resources through the preparation, education and training of students of preliminary studies in this department.
  2. Development of technical staff of the department through technical training and preparation courses for the areas of work in the department inside and outside Iraq.
  3. Development of teaching staff by creating opportunities for post graduate studies inside and outside Iraq in addition to the full-time scientific training and provide research fellowship for them.
  4. Preparation of continuing education programs to follow up the graduates of the department and develop their technical and scientific skills through holding development courses on the latest developments in the department’s specialization to develop their skills in this specialization.
  5. Working on developing the department’s syllabus in cooperation with the corresponding sections in Iraq
  6. Participation in periodic scientific conferences in other universities for the development of teaching staff and scientific research
  7. Handling the problems and difficulties facing the agricultural sector in Al-Muthanna Governorate through scientific research of professors according to available specialties and working on finding appropriate solutions and recommendations for this.
  8. Preparation of biological studies necessary for the management of soils in Muthanna province, especially the interest in the program of survey and classification of soils in the province, especially the desert of Samawa.
  9. Prepare special programs to develop the main techniques of irrigation in the governorate to cope with the escalating water crisis by controlling the quantity available and preserving it from pollution and improving its quality.
  10. Cooperate with the other departments to work on spread of protected agriculture in southern Iraq because of its economic and social benefits and work on the establishment of nature reserves in cooperation with the relevant departments to develop the environment and preserve it from deterioration.
  11. Preparing annual cultural seasons for the department and inviting the specialists from other universities and departments to enhance the knowledge of the employees of the university and the local community.
  12. Assisting in expressing of scientific and technical opinion by the teaching staff and specialists in the department. This is done through allocating office hours for professors to receive visitors and answer their questions and work on solving their problems in the field of soil, water resources and agricultural to consolidate the role of the university in serving the agricultural community.