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History of Establishment of The Department

History of Establishment of The desertification  Department

     The Department seeks to contribute effectively to the mission of the College of Agriculture, which is to publish and apply scientific knowledge related to the management of natural resources efficiently in order to provide food and sustainable agricultural development while preserving the environment from degradation processes, whether natural or that accompany the use of land for different purposes by humans. It also deals with the preparation of qualified cadres for the development of agricultural production and community service through conducting applied research to find solutions to the problems of society in the agricultural field, especially the field of land management affected by various manifestations of desertification.
1-Providing an academic climate that helps the student to learn and develop his culture, and provides opportunities to develop the capacity of the faculty to perform their mission to the fullest.
2-Excellence in teaching methods to provide the community with qualified cadres to develop the production of healthy food from natural resources available through sustainable agricultural development while preserving the environment and community service.
3-To devise modern and applied scientific methods in the field of combating the basic manifestations of desertification prevailing in Iraq and putting them in the field of field application.
4-Revitalize scientific research for sustainable high-production agriculture, capable of international competition.
5-Strengthening extension channels, community service and rural community development.
Department  Objectives:
The department works to achieve the following main objectives:
1-Developing practical scientific courses that meet the requirements of the society and its needs of how to use and maintenance of soils.
2-Preparing and graduating specialized scientific cadres in the field of land use and combating the manifestations of desertification.
3-Follow the development plans and expansion of the reclamation of desert lands, which require special skills compared to land not affected by desertification
4-Increasing the return of the unit of land and water with a focus on water use rationalization, especially under water conditions.
5-Adoption of remote sensing technology and geographic information systems in the area of ​​inventory and identification of lands affected by desertification in order to identify appropriate administrative means to limit their dissemination and use.
  1. Integration with the specializations, resources and resources available in the college, university, research centers, other universities and other state departments.
Teaching Names Department of Desertification:
1- Dr. Abdullah Kareem Jabbar / Soil Sciences / Microbiology / Head of Department.
2- Dr. Ghanem Bahloul Noni / Soil Sciences / Microbiology / Department of the Department
3-d. Rahim Alwan Halul / Soil Sciences / fertility and fertilization
4- Dr. Mohamed Radwan Mahmoud / Crop production / environmental stresses
5- d. Qaisar Jafar Abd / crop production / stress physiological
6- assistance teacher . Saleh Shihab Sabah / Horticulture / floriculture  and Landscaping
7- Dr. Cyrine Hussein Kazem / Arabic language
8 – assistance teacher Huraa Nazem Mutashar / Accounting
9 – assistance teacher Jabir Jassim Abutlisheh / Soil science / Trees