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college Council

The powers of the College Council

The College Council shall exercise the following powers to facilitate the work of the College and to achieve the objectives:

General powers

  • Drawing the college in harmony with the general policy of the university and achieving its mission.
  • Preparing plans for preliminary and scientific studies in the departments of the college.
  • Preparing scientific research plans, writing and translation for the faculty departments.
  • Restaurants of the Restaurant.
  • Recommending the establishment of postgraduate studies at the college.
  • Winded & Informational Technology & Informational Technology.
  • Approval of the titles of letters and papers for postgraduate studies of names and names of members of committees and discussion.
  • Nominating the members of the comprehensive committees for doctoral students.
  • To review the curricula of graduate and primary studies periodically and distribute them to the academic stages.
  • Approval of the results of the examinations of postgraduate examinations and priority after being removed from the departments and scientific branches in the college.
  • Suggest another example of results (Teaching and consulting).
  • Approves the postponement of the academic year of the College students after the availability of the justified justifications and the required documents.
  • Approve the extension of the first for graduate students (6 months) and upon the recommendation of the department council Excellent English teacher
  • Recommending the assignment of teaching staff members and lecturers for postgraduate studies according to the need and duration specified by the departments and branches.
  • Holding scientific agreements with the corresponding colleges inside and outside the country and submitting them to the university for approval

Administrative Powers

  • Supervising students’ affairs and following up their scientific, technical and sports activities.
  • (physics).
  • Revise the titles of technicians and administrators within the authorized staff of the college
  • Periodic review of faculty members.
  • Forming committees to assist in the performance of scientific, administrative and educational tasks.
  • Disciplinary sanctions imposed on students
  • I Will, I’m a Great
  • I’m a Teacher
  • I’m a teal.
  • Guidance on extending the teaching service (professor-assistant professor) when registering the legal age of one year and renewed three times.

Financial powers

  • Proposing the annual budget plan, the import plan and the investment plan of the college and submitting it to the university president to be unified with the plans of the colleges and other institutes and submit them to the university council for approval.
  • A recommendation to the university to approve the final accounts of the college
  • Review the report of the Office of Financial Supervision of the College and discuss and give opinion in the comments contained therein.
  • Authorization of the Dean of the College with some powers

College Board Members

  • Prof .Faisal Mahbaz Medalloul Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture
  • Dr. Yahya Kredi Jalab M. Dean of Scientific Affairs
  • Dr.  Rahim Alwan Haloul Head of Department of Soil and Water
  • Dr. Mohammed Alwan Hashim Head of Field Crops
  • Dr. Ali Abdulla Al Zairi Head of Animal Wealth Department
  • Dr. Abdul Zahra Jabbar Ali M. Al-Ameed for administrative affairs
  • Dr. Jassim Head of Plant Production